Lavender Templating Engine for PHP

Clean code: easy, simple, served.

Lavender: is it a color, a thing or something else?

Lavender is loosely based on Jade , created by the founders of daft labs to bring peace and order to their office. Lavender is a templating engine with a simplified syntax that is easy to use and efficient. The less time you spend double checking proper useage the more you are free to create beautiful, powerful projects.

This project is maintained on GitHub, allowing users to collaborate to help further the cause.


    title Hello World!
    h1 cool title bro.
           | Welcome...
           | To the world 
           | of
           | TOMORROW! 
          block content

vs. HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Hello World!</title>
    <h1>cool title bro.</h1>
    <div id='container' class='col'>
         | Welcome...
         | To the world 
         | of
         | TOMORROW! 

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